So I have a disaster on the back of my neck. I already had a bunch of pink stars on the back of my neck, and, drunk and stoned as could be, I decided it would be a good idea to get this friend of a friend to tattoo “Luna” (“moon” en espanol) underneath them. It’s horrid. I’d always hated text-only tattoos and thought they looked so tacky and ghetto, and I hate the font he used, and it’s just not a good tattoo. It was done at two in the morning in someone’s living room by a stoned guy, and you can tell just by looking at it. Blech.

So I knew I wanted to get it covered up, but I wasn’t sure with what. I tried coming up with pictures of a butterfly or dragonfly that had a dark background and so could cover up the black text, but they didn’t really seem right.

I also was thinking about getting a tattoo for my daughter. However, now that I’m sober and in my right mind, I fall back on my original opinion about text-only tattoos. So I don’t want her name and birthdate or anything. For one, text-only = yuck. For another, it’s just so generic and boring. I want a picture to represent her.

So finally, last night, it finally occurred to me to get a picture, symbolizing her, over the catastrophe on my neck. I know, it should have occured to me a long time ago. So now I’m trying to come up with a picture that could symbolize her and that would do a good job of covering up the tattoo. Now, I’ve heard from a couple of people that color should be able to cover up the dark ink that the guy used on me, just because it was cheap ink and a horrible job. I’ll have to talk to whatever shop I choose about that, but I hope it’s true; it would give me a lot more options. I was thinking about maybe something using a lion, as her name means “Lion of God”. Her middle name means “Faith”, and there’s no way I’m getting a cross or some such on me – that’s worse than text!

 Fussy baby! Finish this up later!


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