School Troubles

So I have six classes left to take before I’m done with my basics. Two natural sciences, one psychology/sociology, two government, one math/reasoning. Of all of those subjects, there’s three classes available online in the fall, so I figured I’d retake my math class, which I’m not doing too hot in. In order to keep my medical insurance, I have to maintain full-time student status, which means four classes. So I finally get my classes together, and guess what?

Apparently I can’t register because “State Testing Required”. Say I: What the fuck?! What do you mean, state testing??? I’ve got shit to do! I have to get registered! What the hell is state testing? Why didn’t someone tell me at some point that I had to go through some sort of testing in order to register for classes?

I’m just so frustrated at this point. Not only are half the classes I need unavailable, but when I finally try to sign up for some, I’m unable to. What bullshit.


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